Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Continuing the Afghan (Part 3 in series)

Wow! I've been absent from the blog for a month, and things have changed radically. Physically, I'm back. The rituximab helped every lupus symptom, including my energy and the sacroiliitis. I can put my feet on the floor without pain. I'm back on my stationary bike and I've lost five pounds. Onward!

Prep for the Market continues, and I've signed up for a number of sessions early in the season. I'm nervous about this Sunday's opening. I've added a few display pieces to make my setup easier, and I'm leaving a couple of things at home. Big trial. I made a short stack of baby blankets and added some baby garments.

In the midst of the Market prep I noticed that Cherry Tree Hill was looking for designs for their new yarn, Fingerpaints. It is a self-striping sock yarn, all merino, in yummy colors. I chose the Morning Glory and whipped out the Muffin Top Mitts that you see in Cheryl Potter's company newsletter here. I'm so excited to see my design in that spot! The yarn is fun to work with, and mitts are such an essential for me.

I haven't forgotten that I was to finish the afghan posting here. I finished both of the red panels, whipped out the stockinette stitch gray center, and duplicate-knitted OSU on it. The connection between the panels is created by making a row of single crochet on each connecting side, then using single crochet to stitch them together. It makes a nice raised seam that is decorative and sturdy. No worry about loosening of a sewn seam. That's it in the photo above.
News flash: I'm knitting MYSELF a sweater from Noro's Taiyo (cotton 40/silk 30/wool 15/nylon 15). It's a gorgeous colorway with greens, browns and pinks, and I'm happy to have my hands back on their incredibly beautiful, organic yarn. Something to show soon, I hope.
I'm back! That includes back to writing. Peace.


  1. Glad you're back - in all respects! We've missed you. I hope to see you sometime at the Market.

  2. We've missed you. Glad you're back (in all senses of the word)! I hope I get to the Market sometime to see you.

  3. Tuttut is back too... Blogging is making a comeback? We are all sick of FB? Hope your market day went well.