Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Broken Arm?!

this is not about the punctuation or the caps. it is all i can do to use my right hand to help type here. eight days ago i slipped in my own room and fell, producing a right proximal humerus fracture that is now in control of my life.

i tried to think how to talk about this ongoing episode. descriptions of pain are always inadequate and quickly become boring, so let's just make pain a given and move on. there are all kinds of sequelae (consequences we say in the real nonmedical world) that i would like to relate.

this fracture - my right arm, up by the shoulder, resulted from a fall. in my house, i slipped and fell. i sprained my foot at that time, so i had a getting-off-the-floor dilemma. after the paramedics came and the biggest one told me he could bear-hug me and lift me up, we tried. i screamed and we quit that trial. i scooted over to a chair while holding my arm, wrenched my good foot and bad foot into position, and stood up. you do what you have to do.

who knew a fracture made you sick? the first few days i felt feverish and tired. yesterday i went out for the first time, and i slept deeply for hours after. i have been fortunate to not dive into a lupus flare. i have been hungry, i suppose for the extra nutrition required to heal.

when you are hungry and your main hand doesn't work, it is good to have friends. my friends have come to my home with amazing, tasty, fresh cooking. lentil and oatmeal loaf, minestrone full of home grown vegetables, tiny strips of collards stir-fried with fresh okra, whole wheat biscuits and tortillas...grow some bones with that! with a little help i've stirred some pots too, making one loaf of banana bread and a corn/tofu/cornbread mix casserole.

i can knit a little and finished a baby blanket order today. that makes me happier than sunshine. i am on my way to recovery.

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