Tuesday, January 24, 2012

After the First Treatment

Many years ago when I attended Baptist church, they listed the "sick and shut-in" members in the program every week.  Right now, I have made myself a shut-in for ten days to try and improve the success of my chemotherapy treatments.  I had a treatment last week.  It went well and I am already improving, seeing the flare dissipate.  In the past, sometimes I've had the second treatment delayed by minor infections and ailments.  I am trying to avoid that by staying home, away from foreign germs and out of trouble until the next treatment.  I only have to make it another eight days.  I went to knitting with my buddies two days ago and then realized that might not be wise.  I am pretty sure that getting off schedule with these treatment makes them less effective.  The cell killing has to take place at a certain time to hit the greatest number of them. 

It might sound like I am suffering in my isolation, home with no company, no fun.  Hah!  One of my sisters just left after hanging out with me for a while. We were on line looking for little Valentine's gifts for the teachers at a school where she volunteers.  After my sis ran a couple of errands for me, she picked up a turkey burger for my lunch.  Now I'm going to knit little heart pins to go in the teacher gift bags.  About.com has a pattern that works well if I use thinner yarn and size 3 needles.  

Anyway, I am better, the medicine is working, and that's how treatment should be.


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