Monday, June 4, 2012

A Vest Design

Okay, this is freaky. When I first began to design things to knit, I was excited but apprehensive. I wondered if my design instinct was intact, if my creations had any validity. I was aiming for some originality and whimsy, even in the things that were simply made. I wanted my work to be functional and comfortable but not boring, and as always, fiber choice was supremely important. I am still excited but less worried as time goes on, and today I saw something that totally validated my efforts (to me, at least).

Two years ago, in April, I drew a diagram (top photo) and sketch for a vest with crossing front panels and a solid back. Above is my diagram and notes in my stitch 'n bitch design journal. I wanted it to be a little loose and flowy.  Today I opened my Tahki Stacy Charles newsletter to find the photo above, which they call "Tokyo Vest". It is a free pattern available on their site.  The back of their vest is made from two parallel panels (extensions from the front) joined by a narrow band down the middle. Mine is a single piece with V-neck. My front pieces were made for diagonal knitting, not straight as those shown on the Tahki pattern.

Now I must make my vest a reality by finishing the design with the textured lacy panels I envisioned; it has to be knitted into existence. So cool!


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