Thursday, May 6, 2010

Celebrating Mother's Day and Writing Patterns

This is the day that occurs each year when I say "Why do I live in southeast Tennessee?" It is the day when I realize that, once again, I have to become accustomed to sweating. It is the day when I notice that 90% of my wardrobe makes me too hot and I have to rush out and purchase more short-sleeved, loose, light-weight, natural fiber clothing. (I don't know where it goes from one summer to the next, but I know that when the cool clothes are gone, it's an emergency.) I flew to Catherine's (a shop for big, beautiful women like me) and came back with seven tops. That'll hold me for two days.

While the heat has been creeping up on me, I've been preoccupied with work. Funny how much I talk about "work" now that I'm officially disabled, but it's hard to call my hobby anything else when I've taken it to such extremes. I don't have to make googobs of money to feel useful. Last week I sold my first pattern to a yarn company. You can see my mitts midway down the page on the right at the Cherry Tree Hill blog. I also began an association with a photographer, Tony McDaniel, providing baby hats for his photo shoots. In addition, I took on the task of completing an afghan begun by an elderly woman who can no longer knit. None of these things will actually keep me in summer clothes, but it feels so good to be branching out and using my skills in a variety of ways.

One friend has been urging me to write a book of my patterns. It is an interesting possibility. At least I'm beginning to write patterns down, and keep track of design ideas. It requires me to be a little bit disciplined and less scatter-brained, and that's a good thing.

I'm watching Seinfeld again because I canceled all my "excess" cable due to economitis. I feel sheepish admitting that I'm enjoying it. Who needed all those extra channels? I have some new ones, like the Create channel, and I'm catching up on old sitcoms that I never knew existed. How cool is that? Hmm. How dorky am I for thinking that's cool?

I had a birthday lunch with a good friend yesterday. We had been talking about it ever since February. Cinco de Mayo is close enough, right? Maybe by the 4th of July we'll get around to celebrating her March birthday. We're on top of it. Speaking of celebrating, my girl and I will be kicking it some place fun on Mother's Day. We've had some kinda year. We double D deserve it.


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