Sunday, May 23, 2010

No Market, But Plenty Work

It is Sunday, a month into the Market season, and I am not there. Moreover, I have promised myself not to return until my health is better. I have been struggling with the physicality of it. I could continue to struggle, and beat myself up every Sunday, but I don't think there's enough profit in it. I will miss it, but not the fatigue and pain.

The truth is that I have many other ways to work right now. I've sold my first pattern and it is available here at Cherry Tree Hill Yarns Supersock Store. I've completed several other patterns that I will put up for sale in my Etsy store and on Ravelry, where I am "Tempeh". The patterns that are currently for sale include a pair of women's mitts with cuffs at the fingers (the gold and red multi-colored ones above), a pair of men's textured mitts, a baby/toddler hat, and several women's hats.

I was approached a few weeks ago by a local photographer, Tony McDaniel, to make baby hats for use at his photography sessions. I had a ball designing cute little hats, and I will do more as needed. That job is pure fun! Tony's website makes me regret that I didn't follow Dayna's growth with regular photos. He and his wife, Leah, are extremely creative in their photo shoots, and use natural home settings so that the kids are in unique surroundings.

I have a custom design opportunity that will be a top-down, red, linen/cotton poncho style jacket. I've got it ready to go in Knit Picks Cotlin, and I'll probably release that pattern when I finish the piece.

One upcoming job has sentimental roots. I've been asked to complete an afghan that was started by an elderly women whose health has since declined. It is a beautiful cabled piece and I'm looking forward to picking up the needles on that one.

All this means that while I will miss finishing the Market this spring, I can be plenty busy while I wait for my painful ribs to heal and make myself capable of a little more exertion. It's all good.


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