Sunday, January 30, 2011

But of Course I Am Still Knitting

I should be thanking the woman who ordered the scarf that is drying on the ironing board. She was insistent on Colinette's Point 5 as a jump-off point, but the addition of several other yarns and a mixture of stitches is what makes it super special. It has me thinking of garments in a different way - more art, less consistency. The bottom left segment is the original Point 5 in the Morocco colorway, knit in a herringbone pattern. Next is a segment of self-striping yarn from Universal, doubled to provide a long, continuous change of colors instead of just the three stripes. The next section is a long swath of Point 5 knit 2 rows at a time, alternating with 2 rows of a dusky rose single. The final portion is the dark purple/red segment in Point 5, with knitted fringe extending several inches in chunky strands.

I am knitting in two directions just now. It is a very cold, snowy winter in most of the U.S. It is going to continue for at least two more months, and I want to keep making warm things. You can see the teal fingerless gloves above, knit from a gorgeous hand-dyed yarn I purchased from On the other hand, the retail cycle has clearly moved to spring and summer and I need to produce a box of samples for Larue's. It will include cool scarves in bamboo and cotton that are decorative and comfortable for warmer weather. The pale lilac lace is a soft, silky bamboo. The multicolored, hand-dyed cotton is that herringbone pattern again, in a Cherry Tree Hill yarn that I believe is discontinued.

Everything I show here is pleasurable knitting. The process of taking the yarn and turning it into something that uses its attributes and becomes a useful, beautiful garment is so pleasing to me. This work is saving my life. In the midst of the pain and fatigue, I have something to grow.


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  1. I love those fingerless gloves! You are super talented!