Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sick and Angry...and Sick

Every part of me hurts. It was torture getting out of bed and back in this morning. My hands are stiff and my fingers ache. Yesterday I ran out of steam in the old way, finding myself only able to sit and look. I have been on increased doses of prednisone for two months with no relief from this flare. This is how it used to be, the long flares I was accustomed to before I started taking rituximab.

When I began rituximab, we quickly determined that six month intervals between treatments allowed my flares to recur. My treatments were scheduled for every three to four months, and I had some blissfully better years. I was making progress with my life, enjoying some social activities, working much more capably in my home. I could see this concretely in better meal preparation, housekeeping and mental function. Then my rheumatologist decided that every six months was better for me. My last treatment was August. I am an angry mess. I don't know why I had to go through this again. Frankly, if there are long-term consequences to taking this medication more frequently, I am willing to trade them for the short-term life that it brings me.

I saw my psych guy this week. I can't call him a therapist. He is a drug manager. He gets a 30-minute update every three months and decides of my medications should be changed. No therapy involved. I realized after the visit that I must have sounded angry about everything - my health, my finances, my family, politics, injustices my daughter has recently suffered at school. I was a smiling, angry person.

I think what I was feeling was impotence. I am sick and I know it could have been avoided and I can't make the decisions that control that. I am in the typical patient position of being afraid to contradict the doctor too strongly, for fear that I will never get what I want and need. I need to be "good" and let him do his six-month experiment, and then be grateful that I am finally at the end of it this week. This sucks.

I have seen other patients in this position, and I encouraged them to go shopping. I may need to do the same. I have pushed others to treat the medical office like they treat a grocery store - if you feel that you are being mistreated, if your needs are not being met, if your questions are not answered - try somewhere else. Now I am looking at it with limited financial resources and the insurance least desired in physician offices, and trying to decide if I should do the same. I will speak to my doc first. We've always had good rapport, and I think a conversation is preferable to defecting without warning. I hope I won't have to shop. But I can't endure this again.


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  1. Hey Essie,
    I hope that you are feeling a little bit better now. We missed you.