Monday, November 7, 2011

November 2011 - and I thought August was for change!

The biggest change in my life in many years has occurred. I have a partner. He is the right man at the right time and place. As Detective Monk would say, "He's the guy." He's been around a few months and I'm happy with the path my life has taken. That's it. Nothing else to say on that topic. All further rejoicing will be done quietly.

Meanwhile, lupus has laid it's little finger on my summer and fall. I was ripe for treatment in August, but had to have the second round delayed for infection. I'm sure now that this produces a less-than-optimal result. The months following these disrupted treatments don't have that crisp, healthy feeling. They are more likely to be dotted with occasional short flares and problems. Nonetheless I was able to stay off prednisone for more than two months, a real record for the past 19 years! It only resumed five days ago when I burst into a big flare. I hope this will be gone quickly and only require a short prednisone taper.

This hasn't interfered with my enjoyment of the summer and early fall. I've seen lots of gorgeous foliage in Tennessee and Georgia. It's my favorite time of year, and the crisp coolness pulls me out to make short walks in parks and explore new places. Every summer I question my decision to settle in the south. Every fall reminds me why.

I knitted like crazy to produce samples for the Minnesota boutique I associated with last winter. They have selected a nice number of pieces, easing my anxiety about being totally inadequate as a designer, and letting me breathe again. The holiday shopping season starts immediately, and I want to start setting up at Market in two weeks. I will have help, but I need this flare to get out of the way. In addition to my usual hats, scarves, cowls and fingerless gloves I have been playing with hoods.

The photos above are of a blue hood (and details of the cables), a Noro hat which features stone buttons, and a Colinette Point 5 mitten set which also has stone buttons. I am nuts for little adornments from natural materials. I'm searching for more suitable wooden ones and other types of stone, and maybe sea glass.

I'm ready to continue my 2 cents worth here. There shouldn't be another three months to wait for a post.


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