Sunday, August 14, 2011

August 2011 - Change Time

Wow! Lots of changes this year. Some are good, some not so much, but we've reached a point in the year when all are evident. My daughter is transferring to a different university to finish her art degree. It is a friendly environment, a little easier to reach by car, and it has the area of concentration that she desires. It took a move from old university apartment to home, then big sorting and editing of possessions, then a move from home to new university house. Can you hear my joints creaking? Actually, my girl is strong and energetic. She carried 75 percent of her things, probably 98% of the upstairs moving, and I concentrated on sorting and putting away belongings. Now that the chores are done, I can reflect on my comfort with her recent choices. She picked a school and program that seem suit all her needs, and she's already making friends there.

Both of my parents are gone. Mama followed Daddy by just four months. We knew that after 70 years she was searching for her connection with him, but her death was still a shock. I feel unmoored. There's no one to call to report my car troubles or my latest encounter with one of their church members. When I made butter cream frosting for the first time, I almost picked up the phone to discuss the results with Mama. At least once a week I wonder why Daddy hasn't called to check in: "Hey, Esoo, how are you getting along? Haven't heard from you since last week."

One of my sisters and her hubby will arrive in town soon, buying the parents' house and making Chattanooga their retirement place. With four sisters here, that will strengthen the family hub. I've always liked living in the place where relatives are most likely to visit.

I have custom orders lined up: a large blanket made of a variety of Lorna's Laces yarns, a shawl in a complicated rainbow of colors. Just finished a matching hat and booties to go with an organic cotton baby blanket. A baby boy in New York will have a bright welcome. If I can figure out how, I will add the photo my daughter took with her phone.

All is well. This is a chemo (rituximab) week, so I will put my feet up and knit.

Peace. Peace.

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