Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Better? Better!

I have to remind myself to post when I am doing well. I forget because I have less free time when I feel good, and because feeling bad makes me need to vent and share the weight. Lately I'm better. I go sometimes as long as ten days without a single pain pill. I walk faster, and there is a spring in my step. I go to the market and participate fully in set-up and packing out. I have an easier time sticking with my eating plan.

Methotrexate shots have been added to my regimen, and just as before (I was on it for several years in the past) it has provided some immediate improvement. I'm hoping that with metho and rituximab together, I can - wait for it - get off of prednisone. Won't know until about September or October, but that is the goal. Meanwhile, I already have a pretty severe Candida infection of the skin, but it is localized and seems to be responding to the anti-yeast meds. (No, not there. You get yeast infections of exposed skin when you are immunocompromised.) More immunosuppression, more infections. Goes with the territory.

My store is doing better, too. I've opened a branch in Minnesota. My sister volunteered to take some of my work to her local farmer's market, where there seems to be greater appreciation for handmade items and natural fabrics, and greater knowledge about eco-friendly products. My things are selling quite well. Here in town the Brainerd Market is attracting more patrons, and I am selling more products. Which leads me to...

...my 3D explosion. I love three dimensional design. I've been knitting giant bowls, cannisters and other vessels, and felting them. I've experimented with different edges and shapes and yarn types. I'm excited by what I've learned and the vessels I'm producing. I began with plain yarns that were not of my premium stock, but I've begun to use the more pricey yarns, too. Hand-dyed wools, especially variegated ones, make such gorgeous pieces. I've shown some above, including a before and after photo, documenting the magic of felting.

Finally, the gloves. I had a commission for a pair of gloves and a pair of mittens from a cold New Yorker. The gloves were the most difficult to design. The first pair I tried had fingers for an elf. The second design is what you see. Karabella Aurora 8 is my favorite merino worsted, and it made these gloves look beautiful, falling into its blissfully even stitches with such gorgeous definition. The customer was very happy with both pairs, making me feel it was well worth the extended time spent on design.

It's good to be living.


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